Guidelines For Success

Translation for business and technology

  • Documentation, training, promotional, human resource and legal
  • Multimedia, subtitling and promotional media translation
  • Product demos, web site translation
  • Software, interfaces, voice prompts, XML, code, Help
  • Technical, mechanical, construction, food industry
  • Power Point presentations, plus voice recordings for presentations



@IS provides services for numerous multi-national companies. It would probably be impossible to develop this expertise in house to match their level of service. Enables us to take on projects for which we do not have all the necessary expertise.



Translation services

In order to ensure maximum impact for your translated materials, @International Services brings together some of the finest Asian, Spanish, European, Middle Eastern and Slavic language translators in 90 countries. @IS is also renowned for quality international voice recording for multimedia, Flash, training and product demos. @IS translations and voices enhance your impact on your international audience, and increase message retention. You will receive instant, personalized customer service, and enjoy the benefits of unparalleled expertise in skills difficult to find: technical, marketing, multimedia localizers, software and IVR translators, legal, and more.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team. You have met and exceeded our expectations in the services you delivered, the quality and accuracy of the translations, and your flexibility in dealing with our increased volume and changing deadlines.







An array of localization services is offered. Localization is a step beyond the exchange of one word for another. Clients receive more profound results for their localization in Spanish, Mandarin, French Canadian and other languages. Localization considers more than just words, it anticipates the way in which your message will be received, what your audience will read into your marketing materials, the user friendliness of an application, the acceptability to viewers of other cultures.

@International Services takes seriously its commitment to assist in impacting your target culture, assuring that the results meet head-to-head with overseas competitors and communicates your message for highest viewer retention. Localizers are vigilant with care, alert for nuances and pitfalls that may damage the message you desire to convey.


Product localization

@IS localizers assist the client's programmers to internationalize their own applications by providing little-known secrets to source code internationalization, plus voice prompts recorded around the world, properly translated code segments, prompts or HTML/XML, help files, localization notes for client engineers, plus manuals and guides translation. Work is harmonious with client throughout the internationalization process.

Whatever the business use, your global audience generally has no idea that they are using or viewing a translation, not an original. Translations truly "attract" the target audience. Sales materials have impact, software and web applications flow smoothly, corporate employees feel motivated, prospective clients are impressed and voice recordings are breathtaking.





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@International Services is renowned for its outstanding translators worldwide, providing world-class translations of all types of text, video or audio that affects your company image, and increases your revenue. Such high-profile translations require an elegance, a turn of phrase more profound than basic word-for-word translations. Translations by @IS have clarity, class, attractiveness and that overall feeling of education, imparting an excellent impression of your company to the reader. High-profile translation can mean the difference between an attention span of 5 seconds or 5 minutes, 10 minutes or an hour. The subtle, stylistic and naturally elegant turn of phrase that attracts prospective clients and conveys total respect for the audience.

@International Services also specializes in performing fine dialect work. 13 dialects of Spanish, 5 dialects of French, 4 of Chinese, and more. This respect for dialect increases effectiveness of your employee training, adds impact to your marketing, and adds sticky-time to your web site. This knowledge and handling of dialects extends to all written text, but also to voice recording around the world. Voices of all dialects are recorded inside the target countries and these voices are used to give maximum impression to the viewer. Some clients have received standing ovations, and delighted accolades are not unusual.

Technical translations cover the gamut from construction to computers and everything in between. From software translation to building specifications, @IS has the experts - including engineers of all types - around the world. Software localization is, in fact, a specialty, and @IS also has software to ease the handling of localization.

@International Services is also a developer of language solution software. @IS is developing 5 software specifically for globalizing companies - whether full global corporations expanding or pleasing their clientele, or small companies beginning to go global, @IS is developing software to improve the financial success and the impact upon employees and prospects. These software include translation management software, subtitling software for subtitling on the web, video script translation management software, software internationalization, and more.