Localization and internationalization

@International Services specializes in custom localization assistance services, helping developers internationalize and globalize their products and related marketing materials and documentation.

Projects and applications look, feel and sound as through they were originally created in the new language, rather than like a translation. It is not unusual for the response from international audiences to far exceed anything the client could have imagined.

Localization is that step beyond just an exchange of one word for another. Fine localization not only adjusts the final product to the target market, both linguistically and culturally, but also may include code changes, concatenation changes, modifications related to laws and governmental regulations, overseas product availability and much more.

@International Services' attention to detail has astonished engineers and developers alike. We have saved many clients from prospective chaos, with the final results bringing resounding compliments to the software's creator.

Whether the developer is highly experienced in localization or a first-timer, the localization process will be successful. @International Services watches for issues that could cause the project to go awry, giving suggestions and previews of possible upcoming language issues and acting in harmony with the developer to assure speedy and successful localization.


Everyone is thrilled! TelMex indicated that it was refreshing to get a product that sounded so good, not like some "Hack American company trying to sound Spanish


•  Advice and consultation

•  Translation of voice prompts, web, interfaces, documents

•  Translation prompt database management

•  Voice recording in 90 countries

•  Code internationalization

•  Speech recognition grammar localization

•  Final QC and QA