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Technology and Technical Multmedia



    • Perfectly timed foreign language voice over track
    • Subtitling services for web movies, YouTube, subtitles
    • DVD Transcription, other multimedia translation services
    • On-screen graphic text translation, Flash, PSD, Fireworks
    • Script translation and adaptation for narration or lp sync

    Because corporate media creators rarely speak the language being imported into the project, our services make their work a breeze with perfectly timed voice over tracks, drop-in screen text and subtitle files that import at a click. Multimedia translation is implified, with excellent ROI and client-pleasing results.


Expertise in video translation

Our members include translation directors for corporate, television and feature films. Our talents are the voices of overseas commercials, corporate promotion, and television; plus professional audio studios around the world who are all native speaking professionals. You will receive the "real thing" - professional results that assure accolades for your translated product, 100% guaranteed for accent and dialect and acceptability to your international market.

Teamwork for video translation

The perfect team will be assembled for you, ideal for your video translation project, and filling in any gaps that you may have from script translation to foreign language voice talent . If you already has a script translation - fine! Perhaps you need the script adapted for timing to the original video or for lip sync. And for talent, just click the Audition Center to find the exact voice for your project from around the world. But no worries about foreign currency or international taxes -- all is handled for you. Feel free to request a cost estimate. Each talent in their native country is guaranteed for quality, accent and dialect, and all have been specially selected by @International Services for their professionalism and experience in video translation.


Our National Hispanic Marketing Department has reviewed the Spanish recordings for the Bank by Phone, and has the utmost praise for the professionalism and clarity...



Natural results

IVR and audio products localized with @International Services generally play more naturally, smoothly, and attractively in other languages. The @IS directors are well versed in performance for concatenating audio files and the "begin sentence", "end sentence", and unfinished ways to end a prompt recording. Your audio files will also be delivered in the exact format you desire with, if desired, the exact trimming required for your machine or software.





On-Line software

@International Services offers 9 on-line software, including software for IVR system translation and automated LIVE streaming voice translation. All of these 'Software As A Service' are created specifically to help developers handle the internationalization process more easily at lower cost.