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@ International Services promises to make you look great to your clients, employees and prospects. Several producers and directors have received standing ovations. Most land new clients, and attract new business from old clients, by offering quality internationalization using the services of @IS.

Our passion is your success. High budget or low budget, all video producers enjoy personalized attention and breathtaking international results. We work as your partner. And we want you to come back again and again.

Because editors rarely speak the language being imported into the project, the perfectly timed voice tracks and easy-to-use screen text relieve all anxiety from an international production, and make localization a pleasurable experience.

Talent recordings from North America plus 90 countries around the world are provided as perfectly timed voice tracks, ready to drop into your project. Plus screen text for copy-paste or fully translated Photoshop files, along with any documents or booklets requiring translation.

Deliverables include perfectly timed voice tracks, most from abroad, plus pre-fab screen text graphic files.
Adaptation to screen, to the "spoken word" (as opposed to "written word") and to culture are basic components of a corporate video translation.
If @IS provides translation, it works hand in hand with the client to assure highest quality technical and medical terminology. Additionally, there are up to 13 levels of politeness in some languages, and extra care is taken to ascertain the proper mode of address for the target audience
Recording overseas, even in Tokyo and Beijing, is routine. Perfectly timed voice tracks are imported from 65 countries for use with corporate products