Intel, Orange Mobile, Genband, Cisco Systems, BellCanada, Acision, and others

@International Services translates voice prompts, screen text, and records voices with top professional actors around the world. The translated text and voice recordings are inserted into applications for machines, kiosks, software, IVR, TTS and telephone applications heard in over 90 countries. From phone cards to pay kiosks, @IS is pleased to support clients, broadening markets for their products and services.

New model cars, particularly luxury models, require translation of various special-feature software, including automatic location software, mapping and search. Additionally, many computer applications "speak" interactively with users, and integrate telephony, video and web services.

@International Services provides a cafeteria of services including translated screen text and digital readout text, translation of voice prompts and coding segments, user manuals, marketing materials. Then records talents around the world. Clients may choose to use economy talents or some of the finest voices in each country. All prompts are properly edited, equalized and named, ready to use in client application. @IS overseas teams provided customized programming consultation and special cultural localization features.

Microsoft and IBM

@International Services thanks Microsoft for including @IS translations and recordings on the main operating system CDs for Vista and Windows in 50 languages. @IS work is also to be found spattered throughout the Microsoft web site, in store demos, promos, marketing focus groups, promotional pages and Flash movies.

The IBM web site and related promotional Flash pieces portray translations and recordings by @International Services in a wide variety of languages. IBM gives particular attention to respect for culture and language, and deeply believes in high quality. @IS works in harmony with IBM and its fine web and Flash developers to assure that the results meet their standards and goals.

NCR Scanner and Software

@International Services translated the scanner software into several languages for NCR (National Cash Register). Additionally, the scanner "speaks" with @IS voices recorded around the world. These "talking machines" are very well received globally, in part due to the attractiveness and friendliness of the voice talent voice prompts.

Prompt recordings were returned to NCR as "wav" files ready to import into their machines. Software and international digital text were translated, reviewed and often verified on-site by @IS professionals. User's Manuals and other major documentation were translated. Sales DVDs, videos and CD-Roms were translated, adapted and voiced around the world.

Web, Demos and Training

@International Services translates training apps, training CDs, customer service DVDs, web sites, corporate videos, Flash and related communications. For companies small to large, from one page to a thousand pages, one video to a full training course, @IS text translations and multimedia translations are found in Home Depot, Merck, UPS, Norfolk Southern, CNN, plus a long list of small to medium companies.

Training and communications are often lower-budget projects, unless the training is for customers of a mogul corporation. @IS gives its full support and is delighted to participate in translating any kind of training or communications project.

There are high budget, impactful projects, and low budget, short shelf-life projects. @IS understands the difference, and is dedicated to bringing your message to your audience, whoever and wherever they are.