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Welcome to the home of @International Services, the language solution provider for Fortune 500 and startups alike. For marketers, multimedia developers, engineers, attorneys and trainers, @IS is your international 'home away from home'. You'll receive everything to complement your own hard work, reflected in the foreign language versions of your materials to attract and impact your global audience.@International Services is renowned for its A-List translators, some of the finest in the world, for its 1,000 professional voice talents in 90 countries, and its innovative language software development. All services by @International Services are 100% quality guaranteed, and remarkably affordable - because @IS is here to help everyone internationalize. Select from a broad array: video translation, foreign language voiceovers, engineering documentation, Flash multimedia translation, subtitling, and training course localization, @IS is your contact and your international support center.

Video Translation

Video translation is one of the top offerings of @IS, because half of the @IS team have been in the media industry for more than 2 decades - in up to 90 countries. The understanding of video translation and multimedia translation of all kinds increases the value and message retention on all media projects and videos translated by @IS. This experience in video translation spreads its influence through web video translation and into multimedia translation such as Flash and product demos. Microsoft, Google, Home Depot, Turner Broadcasting, Universal Studios, and so many more carry video translation and voices by @International Services.

Training translation, Business, and Multimedia Translation

@International Services is pleased to provide remarkable international translations of training, human resources, documentation and marketing. The broad array of engineers, engineering translators, technology specialists, software developers, have enhanced @IS's ability to translate training such as web applications, Flash training course translation, as well we booklets, documents, and more. Translation for business documentation include contract translation, Power Point presentations, web sites, and so much more.The multimedia translations for training in the form of foreign language voiceovers for video translation and Flash, plus foreign language subtitling with subtitles produced around the world. Each project managed by @International Services come with a 100% quality guarantee. Technology localization as well as business translations for human resources, training and web sites have increased impact that attracts audiences around the world. @International Services also creates and develops software for language localization, including for IVR translation and technology internationalization, foreign language subtitling, and translation management for global foreign language voice talent recordings.

IVR Translation and Technology Translation

@IS is the inventor of the patented System Localizer, a mini-software library that localizes technologies that are extremely difficult to translate, with flawless results, such as IVR, kiosk, ATMs and web applications.























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