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  21st Century of
  Video Voice Translation 

  • With Translate Your Video software by @International Services you can find new software for translating your video or simply outsource to @IS the tasks that are not in your area of expertise:

    • Transcribe audio in any language
    • Translate scripts and screen text
    • Set timecodes and edit points online in any language
    • Audition global talents in every country via the web
    • Record voices anywhere in the world with easy-pay
    • Hire translators anywhere in the world with easy-pay
    • Centralize management of audio files and scripts
    • Adapt scripts for timing and lip sync
    • Direct recording sessions around the globe via the web
    • Learn tips and secrets to increase international success


"It all looks and sounds great! Fabulous job!"


Transcribe painlessly in any language

Translate Your Video is the new and easy way to transcribe and translate your video voice step-by-step. Save up to 90% in multimedia translation cost with this do-it-yourself software to maximize use of your existing resources and cut corners while retaining quality.


Voice Actors:

Voiceover actors expand their clientele globally by voicing the translation of videos in languages that they do not speak or read. Actors who are new to video voice translation can learn the basics. These marvelous voice actors will provide perfectly-timed wav files to drop into your projects. Use these voices to translate your video voice into Spanish, or translate your video with voice replacement in Canadian French, Chinese, German or almost any other language just by contacting us at media@internationalservices.com


Find the support that you need:

  • Qualified, professional translator
  • International voice talent, certified for accent and dialect
  • Automated translation, if you plan to produce all yourself
  • A way to marry your audio to video


Software for Media Pro's

Translate Your Video is an online software that increases the success of media translators, linguists, multimedia developers, corporate media departments, and managers during the translation process. Translate Your Video expands your project organization and enhances your services to your clients without adding to your workload. Potentially even lightening your load because it shoulders some of the responsibility for elements of the foreign versions of videos and audio that you create.

Another part of the @IS suite of online software is called the Global Director Center includes several innovative software for multimedia directors and producers. These software create new offerings for your clients, and many are free to media pro's. The CEO of @IS has worked in media in 17 countries and was a finalist for 'Woman of the Year in Technology' for these software. All are innovative, online and on-demand: Subtitle Your Video, Translate Your Webpage,Translate Your Video Voice, Footage Transcription in any language ... click on the picture to visit the Global Director Center. Translating an entire library of videos? We have amazing solutions.

If you are new to video translation:

If you are not a pro and want to learn to translate your own video, this software will explain what to do, and provide the basic features needed to prepare for the recording. It will show you how to adapt your script to fit the timing of your original video. This software can also be used during the recording because it displays the script at the correct timing as full sentence subtitles. Therefore, if you wish, you can use this software to keep a translation voiceover in sync with the original timing.



  • Translators can log in from anywhere in the world with a password.
  • Translators can only see their assigned project, in their own language. They will translate the script, and any on-screen graphic text, all right online. Or, export an MS Word file or Excel to be translated then re-imported.
  • If you have a "community video," and want to allow "wiki-style" translation, invite your members to translate, like a password controlled Wikipedia.
  • And, of course, if you are a translator yourself, you can translate online in the software or in MS Word, and this software will help assure that your translation will fit the timing of the original video.


Adapting the script

One of the important elements to translation is adapting to the length of the original video, so that the foreign voice recording will match the timing of the original guidetrack. Translate Your Video has a feature that alerts the translator when the translation is too long, so that he/she can adapt it to fit. This can be done without losing the message of your video, and instructions to the translator are included in the online software.

Please, email us or call us at 770.414.6000. Give us the opportunity to please you.   




We make our home in the multimedia universe. @International Services has developed innovative techniques for controlling translation online and for casting foreign language voiceovers – tools and techniques that offer more possibilities than ever before.   In response to requests received from multimedia directors and producers to provide an improved way to audition foreign language voice overs , a way that will increase their success with the global projects and customers, @International Services developed a software specifically for this purpose.    The requests for support also included desire for assistance in casting foreign language voice over talent side by side with clients who like to participate in the process.   To meet these requests, @International Services created the Director Center.   The Director's Center is an online software specifically geared toward foreign language voice talent auditioning plus very special presentation materials for directors and producers to use to help them close more deals with global corporations or international clients.    

Summary of services:

For more information on foreign language voice talent and voice overs , click here.


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