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Displays as subtitles in 40 languages




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It would probably be impossible to develop this expertise in house to match their level of service.







         Exceptional training translation plus
        LIVE real-time automated voice translation


For 20 years, @International Services has been an innovator in the arena of training translation services, offering an unparalleled combination of excellent translators and international voices, and now groundbreaking software.

PLUS!   Innovative and patented online software that can cut the cost of translating training by up to 80%.

For LIVE real-time Voice Translation software developed by @International Services for your cross-language training. You speak in your language, and your audience can choose to hear you speak in 20 languages or reads subtitles of what you say in 40 languages! Functions on smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and wall monitor. For more information click here

@International Services also makes software compatible with mobile, empowering you to train across language and cultural barriers without speaking a word of another language. For more information click here.


Services offered:

    • Set-up and introduction to your LIVE training in 40 languages
    • Training translators, training subtitlers, document translators
    • Some of the finest training translators on the planet
    • Online software to train live in multiple languages
    • Software to subtitle your training and YouTube videos
    • Foreign language voice tracks recorded around the world for training videos
    • Automated translation for subtitles, web pages, and more with customizable dictionary

Subtitle your training videos

Web subtitling, DVD subtitling and YouTube captioning are all easy and fun online using our online do-it-yourself Subtitle Your Video software. Subtitle projects download as a ready-to-use web video subtitle package complete with a subtitle player, or as YouTube srt captioning file, or as an edit list for DVD software. For Web video, select from a variety of web subtitle players developed by @International Services. Choose single language players or multi-language players that change font color and size, explode to full screen, have Search and other features. Everything for a single user or a group meeting, and all for as little as $25 per video. Additionally, translate the subtitles any way you like, with a potential savings of up to 80%.

  • Use a professional translator
  • Use in-house personnel
  • Allow your members password access to translate "wiki-style"
  • Ask @International Services to translate
  • Click for automated translation, and then come back online to refine the results!


Quality training translation

@International Services assures that your message, your intent and your vision are carried through your training translation into other languages. Your viewers experience improved retention and greater motivation, corporate communications increase in impact and sales staff and distributors are stimulated to higher achievement. Translated media and web training infuse international staff with enthusiasm, while corporate goodwill ripples all the way to your customers. With @International Services, your training courses, DVDs, presentations, web and other training translations will look and sound exactly as though they were created inside the target country. They will have a feel of true personalization, made just for your audience. Training translations are adapted for the culture, for length to fit on a web page, for timing to your original audio. Foreign voices for translating training courses and videos are recorded anywhere in the world, perfectly timed, ready-to-use. Plus, subtitling and turnkey solutions.

Online training classes in multiple languages

@International Services offers the ways and means to teach in more than one language at the same time. @IS provides outstanding interpreters for live web training sessions and also streaming translation (fast written translation). In addition, @IS records excellent international voices for training video translation in almost any language and in any country of the world. Order an online interpreter or live translation or order perfectly timed voice translations for your videos. All native voice recordings come with 100% quality guarantee for accent, dialect and professionalism. Interpreters are available in all budget ranges from United Nations certified simultaneous interpreters to economy interpreters. Streaming translation (written) is also available in some languages. For translations of Power Point slides or other display materials just email @International Services.


Please, email us or call us at 770.414.6000. Give us the opportunity to please you.  


Visit our software for LIVE real-time voice translation, or visit the Global Director Center for do-it-yourself software for training translation, and subtitling for training, plus audition voice talents and enable your clients to understand the casting process while succeeding in languages you cannot speak or read. Also view our webpage Training Translation Software.


Other pages that may be of interest:

Mobile Learning

Training and Flash








Want to translate Flash or translate training course? Web application or DVD? @International Services is a written document and multimedia translation company, and may have the services you need . We devote our life to assuring that your media, training courses, Flash and DVDs are optimal in impact in up to 200 languages. We are like a cafeteria, you choose the video translation services you desire. We are pleased to work with the elements that you provide and support you all the way to the finish line with outstanding Flash translations and translate training materials, training videos, training DVDs and similar. Because we are in the business of helping you succeed, you will receive 100% cooperation and outstanding service from the @International Services team.

We are proud to say that training courses and DVDs and Flash translations by @International Services often have increased retention rate for the viewers, and the voices that are recorded spur employees to greater enthusiasm and reaction. Whether you translate Flash or documents or web training courses, @IS has the experience and the resources to make you look good. Translating Flash is one of our specialties, both with voices for training and subtitling for training. @IS translates Flash voice tracks, screen text and XML.

For economy projects, training voices - international voice talents - are less "known", thus less expensive, but they are fine recording actors, and add to the success of lower-budget media. For premium projects, @International Services uses international "advertising voices" with the power of impact. These can be some of the best in their respective countries, with a certain "recognition impact", but not so recognizable as to be unaffordable. A great voice is a springboard to quicker brand awareness and increase in sales.

@International Services has now created video translation software that is perfect for training directors, web designers and training courses. Now, for the first time in history, anyone from the training director's staff or corporate communications - in fact anyone at all! - can subtitle Flash, subtitle web movies right from online. There is an online Translation Management Center for managing the translation of the subtitles. In this way, translating Flash or movies can be performed in the manner you choose: by your own staff, by your client, by machine translation software, or by @International Services. When done, just press a button and receive a perfect flash movie with pull down language selector, or receive the elements that you need to give to your DVD developer. The on-line multimedia translation software by @International Services is expanding and growing over the next 3 years, so keep in touch!

Plus, written translations for manuals, translate training web sites, Flash, XML and more.

For more information on the software of @international Services, click here.

For more information on foreign language voice talent and voice overs , click here.

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