We truly do appreciate your extraordinary efforts to accommodate us and our clients. Since we've started working with @International Services, we have stopped using any other translation or typesetting services in any language. And, if a client ever needs a source, yours will be the only recommendation I make.










I asked our German manager to play our video to see if it would work. It not only worked, but his face lit up. He was overwhelmed by the quality. The message was not only clear, but he recognized the voice from television in Germany. We give it A+

- N C R






       Training and Flash translation

    • LIVE real-time automated voice translation software to train in multiple languages at the same time developed by @International Services and its partner
    • Video, DVD and Flash translation plus video and Flash subtitling services
    • Foreign voice talents for Flash nd video translation recorded in any country
    • Qualified professional translators for all aspects of video and Flash translation
    • Easy-to-use Video, YouTube, DVD and Flash subtitling services
    • Subtitles and services for m-learning and other mobile applications
    • API to send and retrieve orders for translation from your desktop or website

    Voice translation for video, DVD and Flash

    With @International Services your video and Flash voice translations will not only be crowd-pleasers but will also be perfectly timed to the original video. Voice recordings are delivered ready to drop into your project and mix. @IS voiceovers make your projects sound as though they were originally created in the target country. Each voice is recorded directly inside the target market using outstanding voice talents that are screened, tested and selected, all guaranteed for dialect and accent. Voice talents are 100% full time professionals working in advertising, corporate, film and television in their respective countries. These international voice talents are the same talents used by native overseas producers and directors. The Global Casting Audition Center assembles over 1,000 international voices in a variety of price ranges from economy to premium talent, each guaranteed for accent, dialect, and professionalism.


    Subtitles for video, Flash, DVD and YouTube

    In addition to voice recordings that are perfectly timed to the original, @IS provides customized video, DVD, YouTube and Flash subtitles. @IS has created online professional-grade subtitling software called Subtitle Your Video, that can be used by @IS or can be used by the multimedia or Flash developer and clients. @IS also develops web video subtitle players from free players to small fee players, including single language players and multi-language web subtitle players with font color and size control, blow-up to full screen, and Search. Using the @IS online subtitle software, called Subtitle Your Video, your DVD, YouTube or Flash subtitles can be created right on the Web then translated by the translator of your choice: by @International Services, your client, your favorite translator, or members of your organization. The subtitle text can also be personalized with variable information like personal and company names that will swap out for each subtitle file with a click.


    Directing voice recordings for
    Video, DVD and Flash Translation

    When voices are recorded for your video translation and Flash translation in any language and in any country of the world, you can be there! Once you have selected voice(s) from the Global Casting Audition Center, including narrators and/or lip sync actors, then using @IS's selected online web conference software, you and your clients can participate in the studio recordings worldwide via the web without expensive international ISDN charges or downloading software like Skype. Skype can be used as well, however, Skype is often unavailable in client offices with firewalls. This Director Center uses online web conference software that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere without downloading or installing anything and with no firewall issues.




    Try the FREE Global Director Center with a variety of software covering international issues involved in Flash translation and Flash subtitling.


Can we help you with your training and Flash translation?

Please, email us or call us at 770.414.6000.
Give us the opportunity to please you.  

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Direct recordings live online

Participate and direct global sessions in almost any country right from your laptop! See, hear, talk and text chat directly into the studio. The common language is English, everyone is friendly and very professional. Direct in Paris during breakfast, in Germany over lunch, and in Beijing or Tokyo before you go to bed. Invite as many people as you wish to join you, including colleagues and clients. Just go to a web page. Nothing to download, nothing to install. Because there are no firewall troubles, large corporations can easily participate. More on global directing.

Try our Media Translation Software, at http://TranslateYourWorld.com, and for casting your foreign language voice talent.and






Full Line of Services

@International Services enjoys translating training of all types from technical to business, and offers all services required for video and Flash translation and localization services. We devote our life to assuring that video, Web media, YouTube media, Flash translation, and DVDs are optimal in impact in up to 200 languages. @International Services is like a cafeteria, you select the voice, subtitle and Flash translation services that you need. We are delighted to work with in any way and with any multimedia or Flash elements that you create. @IS will support you from the start to the finish line with knock-out international voice recordings, web and DVD subtitling, and Flash translations plus @iS translates training materials, scripts, translate YouTube, Web, video and Flash movies, DVD menus and similar. Because @IS is dedicating to helping you succeed, you will enjoy teamwork and cooperation with outstanding results and services from the entire @International Services team.

@IS is proud to say that Flash translations, DVDs and Flash subtitling by @International Services often increase the success of the Flash developer by attracting more global clients. The translated text and the voices provide for Flash translations are recorded around the world and spur potential customers and employees to greater enthusiasm and reaction. Whether you translate Flash screen text or subtitle in Flash with XML, @IS has the experience and the resources to make you look good. Translating Flash is a specialty of @International Services, because we are also Flash developers, specializing in the language aspects for both voice and subtitling. @IS translates Flash voice tracks, screen text and XML.

For projects with lower budgets, the voice talents used are less "known", and therefore will be less expensive, however they make fine recordings and are fine actors, adding to your success with any type of lower-budget media. For high end projects, @International Services is pleased to cast global "advertising voices". These incredible voices have the power to impact the audience almost beyond imagination. These voices are generally some of the finest in their countries, and bring with them a certain "recognition impact", but these voices not so recognizable that they are not affordable. A wonderful voice is an instant springboard to faster brand awareness. And a great voice will increase sales.

@International Services has just developers video translation software. This software is perfect for training directors, web designers and training courses. Flash directors and producers can "do-it-yourself" to a strong degree, faster and easier than on their own with the real Flash program. And now, for the first time, anyone on the director's staff - in fact anyone at all! - can subtitle their Flash, subtitle web movies, and do it right online. Moreover, there is an online Translation Management Center perfect for Flash developers where they can manage the translation of the subtitles, Flash scripts and more. In this way, translating Flash or web movies can be done in the way you select: by your own staff, by your client, by automatic translation software, or by @International Services. When the translations are finished, just press a button on a web page and receive a perfect flash movie player and XMLs. The player has an outstanding language selector. Or, receive the elements that you need to author your DVD. The on-line multimedia translation software by @International Services is increasing over the next 3 years, so keep in touch!

Plus, written translations for manuals, web sites, Flash, XML and more.

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