Software internationalization and personalization
for 200 languages and dialects

The System Localizer enables software companies to do what they have wanted to do for decades - expand, translate, personalize and resell software over and over again, using the same original product, without new development, and at lower cost.

The System Localizer offers developers a choice: (1) translation of hard code, (2) translation of database content, or (3) one-time "internationalization" of your system, so that your software can be translated and personalized easily, with the ability to sound and look more "human", less like a machine, in every language.

The System Localizer's on-line translation management software enables global access to translators and QA/QC specialists who translate your application in secure environment. Alternatively, click for automated translation by language software that can be 'trained' for your company vocabulary. With this "software as a service", your staff, your vendors and even your customers can participate in translations and personalizations from anywhere in the world, bringing new vitality to your products.

The System Localizer is an invention created specifically for IVR, web applications, ASR, and kiosks, from embedded to enterprise. It may be the invention that can set your company apart from your competitors by your ability to offer personalizations and translations far faster, cheaper, and with the highest quality control possible.


  • Play and display perfect grammar in all languages

  • Create almost unlimited personalized versions

  • Add new languages to legacy applications

  • Add new languages without touching your product

  • Update translations and personalizations

  • Feed Text-to-Speech prompts and phrases

  • Speak and display dozens of date and time formats

  • Produce natural telephone numbers, extensions, addresses

  • Speak and display currency and compound numbers correctly

  • Control translation and personalization from your own web site

  • For ASR, generate and modify language "grammar code"

  • Control text, movies, image choices, up to 50 media from one source

System Localizer

Système localisateur


Localizador de sistemas