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This universal Subtitler is an on-line web software for creating any type of subtitling you need, at less cost. Anyone can create subtitles - or replace expensive captioning - with quick, easy, inexpensive subtitles for the Web, Flash or DVD. This Do-It-Yourself on-line subtitling software for Web subtitling, Flash movie subtitles and DVD authoring contains all the features you need for script transcription, subtitle breakdown, translation control, and creating the finished product - either a Flash movie ready for the web with language selections, or your choice of XMLs and edit lists for Flash, Media Player, or DVD, plus graphic files for your authoring software. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, whether subtitling corporate multimedia, training, or a web television channel, the Subtitler is the ideal solution. There is even On-line Vendor Management to calculate translator costs, issue purchase orders and import invoices for subtitle translations.

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