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         Subtitling for DVD and Web

  • Subtitles for Web and DVD, authoring edit lists, ready-to-use
  • Subtitle translations into foreign languages, and from foreign into English
  • Timecode breakdown, footage transcription
  • Or, full-service turnkey DVD authoring by an author chosen from among previous clients of @IS. Just ask, and we'll refer you directly.

Whether subtitling training for a global corporation, product demos, or a monthly address by your CEO, the act of subtitling brings people around the world into that harmonious meeting space - communication across language barriers.

Select the services you desire, from raw files to turnkey subtitling for DVD or Flash. For authors, the edit lists import flawlessly into your project. Order a perfectly-timed voice track of foreign language voice over talent in any language, with guarantee for quality, performance and accent.



Most of the foreign language nightmares disappear. Major Asian languages are now easy to handle, whereas in the past Asian characters were often a hair-raising experience on an English-based computer. The world of technology is coming together to support all languages, and subtitling DVDs and web movies is at the heart of much of the new language experience.

Turnkey subtitles for DVD - Web subtitles

For authoring, we offer a selection of DVD developers with whom we have had experience with projects in the past for DVD subtitling. As our client list grows, so does our knowledge of individual subtitling DVD authors of various budget ranges. We can refer you directly to such a subtitling DVD author, so that you have more personal contact and control. If you are a DVD author, sign up with us, so that we can spread your word.


NEW!  On-line subtitling for DVD & Web

@International Services assures that your message, your intent and your vision are carried through your training translation into other languages. Your viewers experience improved retention and greater motivation, corporate communications increase in impact and sales staff and distributors are stimulated to higher achievement. Translated media and web training infuse international staff with enthusiasm, while corporate goodwill ripples all the way to your customers. With @International Services, your training courses, DVDs, presentations, web and other training translations will look and sound exactly as though they were created inside the target country. They will have a feel of true personalization, made just for your audience. Training translations are adapted for the culture, for length to fit on a web page, for timing to your original audio. Foreign voices for translating training courses and videos are recorded anywhere in the world, perfectly timed, ready-to-use. Plus, subtitling and turnkey solutions.


Please, email us or call us at 770.414.6000. Give us the opportunity to please you.  


Visit our software StreamingTranslation.com for LIVE real-time voice translation, or visit the Global Director Center for do-it-yourself software for subtitling, and subtitling for training, plus audition voice talents and enable your clients to understand the casting process while succeeding in languages you cannot speak or read. Also view our webpage Training Translation Software.


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If you, yourself, are authoring and subtitling a DVD, there are several approaches to placing foreign text on screen as subtitles. These approaches involve various types of "edit lists". Some edit lists contain the subtitle text within the edit list itself, to be laid on screen at the time indicated in the edit list. Other types of edit lists trigger graphic "art files" (tiff, tga, pct, jpg) to appear on screen according to the time codes. And the on-line do-it-yourself Subtitler software by @International Services is a whole new ball game in subtitling for DVD or web. Whichever approach you, the developer, choose, we will support you all the way, providing everything from advice to the subtitle elements, graphic files in the translated languages, plus the edit lists themselves.

Have fun! Try a free demo of our on-line "do it yourself" Subtitler software! It is brand new, totally original, and can cut the cost of subtitling dramatically, enabling you to subtitle more languages, more movies and more Flash for the same cost.

@International Services has developed innovative software . You can subtitle a DVD yourself, or support DVD authors with subtitles and multimedia translations, subtitles for DVDs and subtitles for the web. These software are optional, and are created simply to facilitate the subtitling process, including creating an on-line environment where your clients can review subtitling translations, and approve, edit or adapt the subtitles to their own corporate lingo. This on-line subtitling translation control software is the first in the industry, empowering you to handle more languages with more control and less confusion than ever before. Subtitling DVDs and subtitling Flash are becoming more and more popular, and there is a boom going on in this part of the multimedia industry. This boom will not decrease, rather it will increase with each passing year. As the internet hits everyone in the entire world, with computers in every home from Tuscany to Timbuktu, subtitling DVDs, multimedia and subtitling web Flash will become the norm for probably 50% of all companies. That is because 50% of all companies will begin to go global. Including multimedia developers. Your clients will no longer only live in your home town, you will be able to pull in clients from around the world. Perhaps the Global Communication Center and the Director's Center by @International Services can help you along this road. Or perhaps, other techniques will take you global. But soon you will be subtitling your own multimedia translations and subtitling the DVDs and subtitling the Flash projects that you create. By doing so, you will begin to close deals and bring in new business and revenue from around the world.

Globalization has only just begun. Globalization of multimedia, subtitling localization, and international voicing of corporate projects and content for television and web-TV will explode within this decade. Developers of multimedia will be able to sell their projects on the internet, and sales with increase with Flash subtitles and subtitled digital movies. @International Services foresees adding a Sales Center to its upcoming mega site for selling multimedia Flash, footage and content to global audience. Subtitling DVDs and subtitling Flash will play a hefty role in the success or failure of the new mega site's sales power. Cable TV is already crying out for content around the world, and that demand will increase monumentally with television on the web. Again, subtitling the DVD and subtitling the Flash movies is what will move that content around the globe.

This vision of the future of subtitling on the web is what caused @International Services to create its on-line subtitle for DVD and web. The intent is to make subtitling accessible to each and every producer and author in the multimedia industry. Subtitling DVDs and Web movies is a future that cannot come soon enough for most of us. The partner to subtitling for DVDs and subtitling for the web is sound -- voice translation for your multimedia projects. @International Services is also expert in this area, from low budget to high budget. It would be an honor to serve you, in any way we can.

Subtitling is a marvelous, economical way to communicate across language barriers. You can subtitle in several languages for the price of one translated voice recording. And some cultures prefer DVDs subtitling, claiming that a voice recording "covers up" the expression and the "feeling" of the original speaker. Receive everything you need for subtitling DVDs or web subtitling.

If you would like turnkey subtitling DVD authoring, pass us your movie and it will be our pleasure to author the DVD subtitles or create Flash subtitles for the web with a pull down menu to choose the language.

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