Voice Translation helps companies go global quickly and inexpensively. Translate Your World (http://TranslateYourWorld.com), developers of linguistic and mobile marketing technologies, releases its new TYWI-Live ("tie-wee") voice translation, an online software that turns conferences, presentations and webinars into an international experience. Attendees choose to read the translation of your voice as subtitles or hear a translated voice similar to Apple's Siri.

TYWI-Live offers the following features:

- Voice translation in 35 languages as computerized voice (like Apple's Siri)
- Voice translation in 78 languages as subtitles
- Interactive cross-language chat questions
- Feature for human simultaneous interpretation via web
- Compatibility with all modern devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone, desktop)
- Distribution system that "remembers" all attendees and their preferences
- Quick iFrame installation for web developers
- Optional low-bandwidth TYWI-Live online talk center with built-in voice translation and subtitles

What makes this global expansion possible today is the unveiling of the new technology called "voice translation". TYWI-Live voice translation can be used with most devices and also most web conferencing software such as WebEx, Skype, GoToMeeting, Adobe Acrobat, and others.

Using TYWI-Live:

- Teachers teach around the world
- Conferences stream live in dozens of languages
- Corporations train global employees
- Manufacturers demonstrate their products worldwide
- International webinars are given by almost anyone

2013 may be a groundbreaking year for global expansion as TYWI-Live delivers voice translation to and from most modern devices. By turning on the speech feature of your device, TYWI-Live will translate your spoken words during a web event or Skype conversation.

A click on a link on any device joins attendees to a TYWI translation. When using Translate Your World software with WebEx, Skype, GoToWebinar, and other conference software, a click creates a second webpage with the translation to place over the presentation. The software functions for people in the same room as the presenter/speaker or remote attendees online.

Speakers located anywhere in the world share their knowledge and products internationally as never before possible. TYWI-Live also supports interactivity with the international audience. The software translates the questions as they arrive into the speaker or moderator's language.

Attendees to a web event have become the "cloud listeners" from around the world who select their language of choice to read (translated subtitles) or hear (translated voice) for any webinar, presentation, or tradeshow.

Today's custom apps for mobile, tradeshows, sales, conferences, events, and hospitality enhance visitor experience in unimaginable ways.

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Sue Ellen Reager is CEO of @International Services, a language and software solutions company that also performs translation, voice recording and global system testing for speech and DTMF applications as well as media localization.