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What if you could pitch your products directly to every single person on the planet? And what if the communications device or software could be whatever that person wants it to be… PC, cell phone, kiosk, ATM, Blackberry, POS terminal etc.?

And what if that technology could communicate in that person’s preferred language, including the dialect, and could display the unique visual attributes of that culture? That would be the ultimate in personalization, wouldn’t it? But that’s just not possible, or is it? And if it were, it would be far too costly and time consuming….or would it?

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The day your company launched your website you established a global presence. A great start, but now your website may be more global than your product. Because true localization and personalization, the kind that cause sales to explode, the kind that will continue to change the face of global business and the world, require one-on-one communication And when it comes to communication media, software and devices across the globe, “localization” of these systems is the path to greatest financial success.

Cashing in on the trends

While we’re a long way from the ultimate, humans conversing with devices in natural language, we have been witnessing an evolutionary process. The perfect storm is gathering. With each day we witness the growing convergence of technological advancements in computing capacity, the pervasiveness of broadband communications, and the worldwide populations’ exploding use of microprocessor driven device’s and the Internet. The accelerating trends in devices, vocabularies, and technical solutions have also been a key contributor to the phenomenal growth of middle and wealth classes in India, China (and all over the world), creating markets larger than that of the European Union.

What would you do if you could develop a computer application or software just one time and deploy it in every language and dialect and culture for not one more dollar? Obviously, you would recognize the opportunity to sell your products throughout the world. You would start immediately to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage on a global level. The potential impact on your sales and marketing is almost beyond comprehension.

However, you probably have doubts. After all, we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch. High quality audio and text translations are a cost factor. But until now, the most costly obstacles ….time and cost of implementation…. were caused by traditional methods of programming communication devices and computer applications, because those methods are not suitable for deploying an application in other languages, cultures, and dialects.

Invention increases European product sales potential

The patented GC System Localizer, winner of the Top Ten Innovations award for 2005, decreases the costs of localization, and thereby increases that product’s potential for sales worldwide. It can be installed in almost any telecom, software, kiosk or web application and it enables that application to function in any language, plus customize the visual presentation – what is seen on the screen - hundreds of times for any country, company, or user.

In a television broadcast, William Shatner (Captain Kirk of StartTrek) toasted Sue Ellen Reager, the inventor of the GlobalConcat System Localizer, with award and tribute for her technology. Ms. Reager also received GlobalEXEC’s International Woman of Influence award for this break-though.

Said Ms. Reager, “This breakthrough did not come easy. For more than 20 years, I worked in advertising, recording, and film industries in 34 cities and 17 countries. Through that experience, I learned to speak 10 languages, became a simultaneous interpreter in 5 languages, and directed advertising recordings in 14. This close-up view of marketing techniques in each country gave me the background and understanding of what drives various cultures and countries to buy. Compound this with my work as a computer programmer and software developer, and the result is a keen appreciation for the complexities and nuances so critical to successful sales in global markets.

“This unique blend of experience led me to discover that traditional programming methods are not suitable for deploying an application in multiple languages, cultures, and dialects. From my personal involvement in translating and localizing over 1,000 technology computer applications, I discovered that there are flaws in the programming languages themselves that make it mandatory to re-work applications for a new language. Meaning, it is not related to the quality of the programmers or developers, but rather is the programming languages themselves that make localization impossible without reprogramming or data table tweaking – all the technical aspects that add so heavily to corporate budgets, and drag down time to market for international versions.

“The GC System Localizer builds a bridge over those flaws, so that an application can be created only one time, in the native language of the developer, and in own preferred computer language, and the product is finished. Done. Yet, it can be translated and customized into 200 languages and dialects without touching that original.”

About @International Services

@International Services (“@IS”), the company of which Ms. Reager is CEO, is one of the world's premiere providers of translations and international voices for telephone applications, talking machines, web apps, kiosks, and related promotional media, demos, training and web sites. @International Services is VIP vendor to Microsoft, Intel, Cisco Systems, IBM, and localizer of software and media for Siemens, Toyota, and other world business leaders.

Pick up a cell phone in Beijing and you’ll hear an @IS voice recorded in China; call your bank and hear your bank balance in Spanish with the smooth voice a true pro; in a hospital the heart defibrillator machine speaks to nurses in Russian instructing then on how to connect the leads; talking cars, scanners and machines speak in many tongues; Microsoft uses @IS translation and voices on their operating system CD in dozens of countries; the international IBM website, and @IS even has Baby Einstein teaching children math and spelling in many languages.

But it is the GCSystem Localizer that has clients most excited at the prospect of achieving sustainable competitive advantages across global markets at a cost in both time and money previously unimaginable.. Harnessing technology in multiple languages, cultures, and dialects has been a challenge for all but a few companies with deep, deep pockets. Why? Because traditional programming methodologies are simply not suited for all of the permutations and combinations of 200 languages, hundreds more dialects, and the cultural anomalies.

Case Study

Before GC System Localizer, the outcome was either very costly or, as in this actual case study, a failure. A contractor bid on and won an RFP to localize the client’s product into six Indian languages (Hindi, Tamil, Gujarathi, Marathi…). The cost of the project was $6,000,000, with a down payment of $1,000,000,and a completion schedule of the localizations was 6 months. Rather than accepting @International Services advise to implement the project with GCSystem Localizer, the company chose the path of “conventional wisdom”.

Initially, twelve developers worked full time on the system localization. .At the 6-month mark, the company demonstrated the system for the client. The effort was deemed wholly unacceptable and a two month extension was granted. After the two month extension, the system was again deemed unacceptable and another two month extension was granted. The company added eight more developers to the project.. (sound familiar?)

At the one year mark, the system was again deemed wholly unacceptable, the client
cancelled the contract and demanded its $1,000,000 back. The contractor was also
out the salaries of 12 full time and 8 part time developers. But the real loser was the client who had lost the market opportunity.

No substitute for success

On the other hand, using the GC System Localizer, the developer creates an application just once, in his own native language, and in his choice of computer language. As of that moment, the application is enabled for 200 languages and dialects without changing one line of code - as well as for hundreds of personalized versions, also using that same original code. From that point forward, the developer can:

  • Add new languages, dialects and customer preferences without touching code
  • Add, delete, modify or retire text, pictures, video and concatenated audio sentences
  • Prepare international and customized releases simultaneously for launch with base product, compressing time to market
  • Change screen or web page appearance without touching code

All with the assurance that translated or personalized versions will run as well as the original, and all…without changing one line of code.

The GC System Localizer is not a computerized-translator; it is a revolution in data handling that tells the system what to play or display, when and where. It resolves all heretofore unsolvable linguistic differences between human languages as they affect computer applications. Equally important, the localizations and personalizations of layouts, images, text, audio, and multimedia can be managed by those specializing in these issues, such as marketing, sales or vendors, allowing developers to concentrate on critical technical aspects.

The Bottom Line

The real benefit of GC System Localizer is not merely the reduced development time and cost; it’s far greater. While those cost savings can easily justify a thorough examination of your company’s “going global” strategy, the real prize is the income value of accelerating product sales in mature and emerging global markets by years.

You are invited to visit and, for more technical specifics,, to learn more about how GC System Localizer and @International Services can accompany you on your journey into global markets.

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