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@International Services offers a broad array of Mandarin Chinese translation services from documentation, software and training, to multimedia and subtitling localization.


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For China - From China

@International Services is an American company with experienced localization teams in the major modern regions of China, speaking the most popular variations of Mandarin Chinese: Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Mandarin Chinese language is evolving more rapidly than any other language on earth. Hong Kong, for example, is currently making a fusion between Cantonese and Mandarin, with a different accent and dialect of Mandarin, a Mandarin that is in dramatic flux. Taiwanese Mandarin has a strong variation in both accent and word usage. And Chinese spoken inside the United States has also become a dialect. The @IS teams are diverse, very familiar with the impact of these changes. The @IS teams combine PhD translators, technology translators, professional Mandarin Chinese voice talents, software engineers, multimedia translation specialists and desktop publishers. From the heaviest of technical content to the warmest of multimedia, Mandarin subtitling or web site translation, the @IS team understands the cultural differences and nuances, adapting your Mandarin Chinese translation with a subtle touch to enhance your image in the eyes of your Chinese prospects and employees. Using the newest, most modern Mandarin of today's quickly changing Chinese terminology, the @IS teams in China are on the cutting edge of localization, helping you to please the Chinese audience.


Chinese Translators, Voice Talents, Subtitles

English to Mandarin Chinese translations destined for China are translated by true professionals located inside China itself, with impeccable English and 20 years experience. Translations have a look and feel of naturalness, as though originally created in China, without the heaviness, errors or stilted feel often associated with a translation. Multimedia script translations are properly adapted to the "spoken Chinese word" (as opposed to the "written word"), and adapted to the proper length to drop perfectly into your multimedia project. Mandarin Chinese voice recordings sound smooth, have credibility, and flow perfectly to the timing of the original English. Voice prompts, software user interfaces and even documentation of all types are professionally translated into Mandarin Chinese, and other Chinese languages.


Mandarin Chinese Translation Service for Technology

In China, the appropriate Mandarin Chinese translated words to be used in screen prompts and voice prompts for software and IVR are not a mirror reflection of their counterparts in American English. The @IS team knows exactly when to vary your words just slightly to meet the modern standards for this new audience. @IS Mandarin Chinese translators inside China understand software, have first-hand experience in development, and offer Mandarin Chinese translation service for the text elements within code as XML, C++, .NET, Java and similar. Mandarin Chinese voice talents are excellent narrators or are advertising voices of Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan. All recordings are thoroughly verified for quality and performance. All written translations are reviewed, including reviews by engineers, telephony developers, financial specialists and other professionals.




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@International Services has developed innovative software of several types, that includes unique control and features for Asian languages. Mandarin Chinese translations and Mandarin Chinese voiceovers have a new outlet and control on the web. @International Services developed a software specifically for this purpose. the software includes presentations covering localization subjects and Mandarin Chinese issues in particular, with tips and secrets for endearing your audience to your company, your training and your product.   @IS provides fine translations of your presentation materials, including Power Point, Flash, DVDs and web sites. If you need dialect or other Chinese languages, these are also available. From Mongolian to Cantonese, Tibetan to Hmong languages, you'll find the support that you require.

Mandarin Chinese translations and desktop publishing are highest quality, and your Mandarin Chinese voice recording will be perfectly timed, to just drop into your project. Certain other multimedia localization techniques, such as music localization, make a difference in the final impact of your multimedia project. These services combine Mandarin Chinese translation of a script and screen text graphics with voice recording.

Free advice and email consultation are part of every @International Services customer service. Our team is alert for nuances that may be contained in your original version that could damage the impact you are trying to create with your target Mandarin Chinese audience. Translation into Mandarin Chinese has quite a few stylistic issues that differ from American English, and sometimes selecting the right style makes the difference between impact and lack of impact. Particularly in technology, many of the U.S. technology innovations are new to China, and it takes a team with such as @IS with its care and vigilance to assure that the new innovation is fully understood and properly explained in the Mandarin Chinese translation. Sometimes that Mandarin Chinese translation is required to be inserted into code, such as XML, .NET and similar, and @IS is pleased to support in this endeavor.

The @IS Mandarin Chinese translation team translates manuals, user interfaces, web sites, scripts, training, presentations, Flash and Mandarin Chinese subtitling. For multimedia projects, @IS teams in Beijing, Taiwan and Hong Kong record technology prompts and product demos. The team we bring are your "feet on the ground in China. This experience is the foundation from which we learned what works - and what not - when translating multimedia and technology into Mandarin Chinese, or auditioning and casting Mandarin Chinese voice talent for the Mandarin Chinese translation of your videos, Flash for the web, IVR systems, and other media localizations.

Our promise is to make you look good in the eyes of new Chinese audience. And you'll enjoy working with our professional, receiving outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and wise advice. We care about your project, your goals and your success.

Summary of services:

  • Mandarin Chinese script translation
  • Script adaptation to timing and lip sync for multimedia
  • Mandarin chinese voice prompt recording for software and IVR, with correct performance for concatenation
  • Foreign language voiceover recording in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Subtitles in Mandarin Chinese
  • Code text and prompt localization in most major computer languages
  • Music localization
  • Flash localization and other services

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