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Quality Guarantee

Defining the Guarantee

@International Services has worked with the remarkable translators, voice talents and multimedia specialists in this Directory for 20 years. The intimate experience year after year with these professionals gives @IS the confidence to offer a Quality Guarantee. What does "Quality Guarantee" mean? It means that if you use the service providers in this directory, and if you follow the recommendations in the "Guidelines" page, whatever you translate will be an excellent reflection of the original - a translation that stands up to scrutiny, retains your message and your intent and, quite possibly, may be the best translation you have ever received.

What is Quality?

Quality means a true reflection of the original intent. Also, members of this Directory will inform you if your text may offend the target audience or damage your reputation. For 20 years, there has never been a serious error with the providers listed in this Directory when the client followed the guidelines. The people in this Directory have been producing high quality work consistently for years.

Proof of Quality

When reviewing your translation, it is worth noting that some languages have many dialects with varying words and expressions. If you work internally with non-translators who speak another language, they may offer to input their own "stamp" on a translation, often actually rewriting your original text. Therefore, Quality does not mean that no one will want to change anything. As you proceed, remember that a translation is like writing your company brochure or report -- people itch to redline and doodle with translations just as they do with other documents.

In case of dispute, what this guarantee signifies is that if you follow the Guidelines on this site, the translation will pass "The Test," probably with flying colors. "The Test" is the opinion gathered from two PhD's living in the target country: one with a PhD in linguistics, and one with a PhD in the subject matter of the translation (example: engineering, finance, medicine, etc). If these two PhD's agree there is a serious error with the translation, then you will receive a refund of every penny you invested in people derived from this site. To date, no refund has been necessary.




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