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GlobalDirectorCenter is a full suite of free and inexpensive online software plus every resource you need to internationalize your media. Media pros get free projects, points and perks!


Transcribe, subtitle and timecode online:

* Subtitle your videos in any language
*  4 Cool Web Subtitle Video Players (amazing!)
* Turn caption-for-the-deaf files into subtitles
* Transcribe your footage and videos from anywhere
* Set timecodes and edit points, especially in foreign languages

Audition, direct and hire anywhere in the world:

* Audition global talents in every country via the Web
* Direct recording sessions around the globe from a webpage
* Engage certified global voice talents, certified studios, professional translators, project support - all with easy-pay

Centralize management and quality control online:

* Translation and Review Center with global access
* Centralize management of audio files and scripts
* Password controlled, secure online database, private storage
* Adaptation for foreign scripts to synchronize timing or lip sync
* Slides and presentation materials for pitches


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